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PAMAXPORT is a system parameter that specifies the maximum port number to be polled on each CI and DSSI. The CI and DSSI port drivers poll to discover newly initialized ports or the absence/failure of previously responding remote ports. A system does not detect the existence of ports whose port numbers are higher than this parameter's value. Thus, set this parameter to a value that is equal to or greater than the highest port number being used on any CI or DSSI connected to the system. You can decrease this parameter to reduce polling activity if the hardware configuration has fewer than 16 ports. For example, if the CI or DSSI with the largest configuration has a total of 5 ports assigned to port numbers 0 through 4, you could set PAMAXPORT to 4. If CI or DSSI devices are not configured on your system, this parameter is ignored. The default for this parameter is 15 (poll for all possible ports 0 through 15). VSI recommends that you set this parameter to the same value on each cluster computer. PAMAXPORT is a DYNAMIC parameter.