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POOLCHECK is a system parameter that enables pool-checking routines to execute whenever pool is deallocated or allocated. It is in use by VSI and is subject to change. Do not change this parameter unless VSI recommends that you do so. POOLCHECK is used to investigate frequent and inexplicable failures in a system. Two loadable forms of SYSTEM_PRIMITIVES.EXE are available at boot time. The default image, which contains no pool-checking code and no statistics maintenance, is loaded when POOLCHECK is set to zero. When POOLCHECK is set to a nonzero value, the monitoring version of SYSTEM_PRIMITIVES.EXE, which contains both pool-checking code and statistics maintenance, is loaded. Setting the SYSTEM_CHECK parameter to 1 has the effect of setting POOLCHECK to %X616400FF. POOLCHECK is a DYNAMIC parameter. However, for a change in its value to have any effect, POOLCHECK must be non-0 at boot time (to load the monitoring version of SYSTEM_PRIMITIVES.EXE).

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