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Record Management Services (RMS) are a set of system services that assist application programs in processing and managing files and their contents.


The following are OpenVMS record management services:

Name Description
File Processing and File Naming Macros
SYS$CLOSE Terminates file processing and disconnects all record streams previously associated with the file
SYS$CREATE Creates and opens a new file
SYS$DISPLAY Returns the opened file’s attributes to the application program
SYS$ENTER Enters a file name into a directory
SYS$ERASE Deletes a file and removes its directory entry
SYS$EXTEND Allocates additional space to a file
SYS$OPEN Opens an existing file and initiates file processing
SYS$PARSE Parses a file specification
SYS$REMOVE Removes a file name from a directory but does not actually delete the file data; compare this with the $ERASE macro
SYS$RENAME Assigns a new name to (renames) a file
SYS$SEARCH Searches a directory, or possibly multiple directories, for a file name
Record Processing Macros
SYS$CONNECT Establishes a record stream by associating a RAB with an open file SYS$DELETE $DELETE Deletes a record from a relative or indexed file
SYS$DISCONNECT Terminates a record stream by disconnecting a RAB from an open file SYS$FIND $FIND Locates the specified record, establishes it as the current record and returns the record’s RFA to the application program SYS$FLUSH $FLUSH Writes (flushes) modified I/O buffers and file attributes to the disk before closing a file
SYS$FREE Unlocks all records previously locked by the record stream
SYS$GET Retrieves a record from a file
SYS$NXTVOL Causes processing of a magnetic tape file to continue to the next volume of a volume set
SYS$PUT Writes a new record to a file
SYS$RELEASE Unlocks a record pointed to by the contents of the RAB$W_RFA field
SYS$REWIND Establishes the first file record as the current record
SYS$TRUNCATE Truncates a sequential file
SYS$UPDATE Deletes and rewrites (updates) an existing file record
SYS$WAIT Awaits the completion of an asynchronous record operation
Block I/O Processing Macros
SYS$READ Retrieves a specified number of bytes from a file, beginning on block boundaries
SYS$SPACE Positions forward or backward in a file to a block boundary
SYS$WRITE Writes a specified number of bytes to a file, beginning on block boundaries

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