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SECURITY is a privilege that allows a process to perform security-related functions such as modifying the system password with the DCL command SET PASSWORD/SYSTEM or modifying the system alarm and audit settings using the DCL command SET AUDIT. The privilege not only lets a user process start and stop the audit server process with SET AUDIT, it also permits the process to use SET AUDIT to modify the characteristics of the auditing database, including those of the audit server, the system audit journal, the security archive file, resource monitoring, and the audit, alarm, or failure mode.

This privilege should only be granted to security administrators. Irresponsible users who obtain this privilege can subvert the system's security mechanisms, lock out users through improper application of system passwords, and disable security auditing.

The SECURITY privilege also lets a process perform the following tasks:

Task Interface
Display system auditing information about the system audit log file, audit server settings, and so on SHOW AUDIT
Display the system intrusion list or delete a record SHOW INTRUSION, DELETE/INTRUSION
Enable the security operator terminal REPLY/ENABLE=SECURITY, $SNDOPR
Enable protected subsystems on a volume MOUNT/SUBSYSTEM, $MOUNT, SET VOLUME/SUBSYSTEM