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SET PASSWORD is a DCL command that changes a password or system password. Also, can establish a secondary password or system password, or remove a secondary password. A user password can contain up to 32 alphanumeric and special characters. Unless your system manager has set the PWDMIX flag in your authorization account record, the only special characters permitted are the dollar sign ($) and underscore (_). Without the PWDMIX authorization, all lowercase characters are converted to uppercase before the password is encrypted. For example, "eagle" is the same as "EAGLE." If you have PWDMIX authorization, you can specify uppercase and lowercase alphabetic characters, and you can use any special characters in the printable character set. However, avoid using characters that have special significance for layered products that accept passwords. For example, a double quotation mark (") would be unacceptable in a password in a DECnet access control string.