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SMCI_PORTS is a system parameter that controls initial loading of SYS$PBDRIVER for MSCI in OpenVMS Galaxy software. This parameter is a bit mask; bits 0 through 25 each represent a controller letter. If bit 0 is set, which is the default setting, PBAx is loaded (where x represents the Galaxy Partition ID). If bit 1 is set, PBBx is loaded, and so on up to bit 25, which causes PBZx to be loaded. For OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.2 and later, VSI recommends leaving this parameter at the default value of 1. Loading additional ports allows multiple paths between Galaxy instances. In the initial release of the Galaxy software, having multiple communications channels is not an advantage because SYS$PBDRIVER does not support fast path. A future release of OpenVMS will provide Fast Path support for SYS$PBDRIVER, when multiple CPUs improve throughput by providing multiple communications channels between instances.