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TTY_DEFCHAR2 is a system parameter that sets a second longword of default terminal characteristics (the first being set by TTY_DEFCHAR). The default characteristics are represented as a code that is derived by summing the following hexadecimal values:

Characteristic Value (Hex) Function
LOCALECHO 1 Enable local echo terminal logic; use with the TTY_DEFCHAR NOECHO characteristic.
AUTOBAUD 2 Enable autobaud detection
HANGUP 4 Hang up on logout
MODHANGUP 8 Allow modification of HANGUP without privileges
BRDCSTMBX 10 Allow sending of broadcasts to mailboxes.
XON 20 (No effect in this parameter.)
DMA 40 (No effect in this parameter.)
ALTYPEAHD 80 Use the alternate type-ahead parameters.
SETSPEED 100 Clear to allow setting of speed without privileges.
DCL_MAILBX 200 Function reserved for VSI use only
DECCRT4 400 Terminal is DIGITAL CRT Level 4
COMMSYNC 800 Enable flow control using modem signals
EDITING 1000 Line editing allowed
INSERT 2000 Sets default mode for insert
FALLBACK 4000 Do not set this bit with SYSGEN
DIALUP 8000 Terminal is a dialup line
SECURE 10000 Guarantees that no process is connected to terminal after Break key is pressed
DISCONNECT 20000 Allows terminal disconnect when a hangup occurs
PASTHRU 40000 Terminal is in PASTHRU mode
SYSPWD 80000 Log in with system password only
SIXEL 100000 Sixel graphics
DRCS 200000 Terminal supports loadable character fonts
PRINTER 400000 Terminal has printer port
APP_KEYPAD 800000 Notifies application programs of state to set keypad on exit
ANSICRT 1000000 Terminal conforms to ANSI CRT programming standards
REGIS 2000000 Terminal has REGIS CRT capabilities
BLOCK 4000000 Block mode terminal
AVO 8000000 Terminal has advanced video
EDIT 10000000 Terminal has local edit capabilities
DECCRT 20000000 Terminal is a DIGITAL CRT
DECCRT2 40000000 Terminal is a DIGITAL CRT Level 2
DECCRT3 80000000 Terminal is a DIGITAL CRT Level 3

The defaults are AUTOBAUD and EDITING.