VAX/VMS Version 1.0

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VAX/VMS is a general purpose operating system for the VAX-11/780 series systems developed by the Digital Equipment Corporation in 1977.

It provides an environment for the concurrent execution of multiuser timesharing, batch, and time-critical applications written in BASIC, COBOL, FORTRAN, and assembly language.


According to the software product description, the features of VAX/VMS are as follows:

  • virtual memory management for the execution of large programs
  • event-driven priority scheduling
  • shared memory, file, and interprocess communication data protection based on ownership and application groups
  • user privilege and resource allocation control
  • easy to-use, easily extended command language
  • multijob batch processing
  • tools for developing native and compatibility mode programs
  • extensive file and record management services
  • programmed system services for process and subprocess control and interprocess communication
  • Common Run-Time Procedure Library
  • system maintenance utilities


  • operating system nucleus, including virtual memory manager, swapper, system services, and input/output device drivers
  • user authorization control program
  • job initiator and symbiont manager
  • card reader input symbiont
  • line printer output symbiont
  • accounting manager
  • Operator Communications Manager
  • error logging and print utility
  • DCl command interpreter
  • MCR command interpreter
  • interactive and batch editors
  • MACRO assembler
  • linker with cross reference
  • library maintenance utility
  • Common Run-Time Procedure Library
  • symbolic debugger for native programs
  • Record Management Services for sequential and relative file organization record processing, plus multikey indexed file organization record processing (indexed files are available through compatibility mode programming languages only)
  • FILES·11 disk file manager
  • ANS Level 3 magnetic tape file manager
  • Sort utility
  • File Management utilities
  • File Differences utility
  • File Dump utility
  • Disk Backup/Restore utilities
  • Disk Structure Verification utility
  • Disk Bad Block locator utility
  • Software Maintenance Release Update utility

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