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Python debugger allows debugging Python scripts on VMS.


  1. Running python script on VMS side
  2. Breakpoints
  3. Displaying local variables in each accessible frame
  4. Multithreading
  5. Post-mortem information about unhandled exceptions.
  6. Changing variable value
  7. Jump to cursor inside a frame

How to run

  1. Setup SSH settings
  2. Setup project settings: because Python scripts do not need compilation, not all settings are required. Only those which are required for synchronization. So "outdir", "root" and include/exclude masks do matter. Outdir is used only for holding debugger own scripts (tracer and server). Masks used only for synchronization. There is no difference between whether it is a source, headers e.t.c.
  3. Setup launch: open launch.json, then "Add configuration" => "VMS IDE: Launch Python script".
Property Meaning
"type": "vms python debugger" do not change
"request": "launch" do not change
"name": "Launch Python Script" write an unique name
"script": "${file}" file name or "${file}" for currently opened file under cursor
"port": "55005-55025" range of local ports on VMS, used for communication between tracer and server scripts
"arguments": "" script arguments

Select this launch configuration and press F5. Script always stops at the first line.