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VOLPRO is a privilege in the Objects group that allows the user to perform various operations on volumes.

The VOLPRO privilege lets the user's process:

  • Initialize a previously used volume with an owner UIC different from the user's own UIC
  • Override the expiration date on a tape or disk volume owned by another user
  • Use the /FOREIGN qualifier to mount a Files-11 volume owned by another user
  • Override the owner UIC protection of a volume

The VOLPRO privilege permits control only over volumes that the user's process can mount or initialize. Volumes mounted with the /SYSTEM qualifier are safe from a process with the VOLPRO privilege as long as the process does not also have the SYSNAM privilege.

Exercise extreme caution when granting the VOLPRO privilege. If unqualified users can override volume protection, the operating system and service to others can be disrupted. Such disruptions can include destruction of the database and exposure of confidential information.

The VOLPRO privilege lets a process perform the following tasks:

Task Interface
Dismount a volume DISMOUNT/ABORT, $DISMOU
Initialize a volume $INIT_VOL
Mount foreign multivolume magnetic tape set MOUNT/MULTI_VOLUME
Override volume labels or accessibility $MOUNT
Initialize blank tape REPLY/BLANK_TAPE, $SNDOPR
Override access while initializing a magnetic tape after a file access error $INIT_VOL
Override write-locking of volume on errors $MOUNT
Override write protection of former shadow set member $MOUNT
Override volume expiration, protection, or ownership $MOUNT