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STARTUP_P2 is a system parameter that controls the setting of verification during the execution of the system-independent startup procedure, STARTUP.COM, when STARTUP_P2 has one of the values described in the lists below.


Value Description
F[ALSE], N[O], 0, " " Verification is not enabled; in other words, NOVERIFY is performed.
T[RUE], Y[ES], 1 Verification is enabled; in other words, a SET VERIFY is performed.
C Display various checkpointing messages during startup.
D Log (or Dump) the output from the startup to a file called SYS$SPECIFIC:[SYSEXE]STARTUP.LOG.
P DCL verification is enabled for each component file, but not for the startup driver. If both P and V are used, P is ignored.
V Full DCL verification is enabled; same as TRUE.

For more information about STARTUP_P2, see the SYSMAN command STARTUP SET OPTIONS.