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SYSMAN, or the System Management Utility, is a utility that can be used for managing clustered environments. It lets you define your management environment as a node, group of nodes, or an entire cluster, and execute commands on all nodes in the environment. SYSMAN processes DCL commands and works with other system management utilities and tools such as AUTHORIZE, AUTOGEN, and INSTALL. SYSMAN can be invoked with RUN or MCR commands.


SYSMAN can be used to:

  • Set disk quotas.
  • Load and unload licenses.
  • Associate a terminal or port with a user name using the automatic login facility (ALF) commands.
  • Modify or display System Generation utility (SYSGEN) parameters.
  • Build site-specific startup procedures using STARTUP commands, which display or modify startup components of the OpenVMS operating system, site-specific programs, and layered products.
  • Modify or display OpenVMS Cluster parameters.
  • Load system services using SYS_LOADABLE commands, which add and remove executive loaded images from the set of images loaded at boot time.
  • Create and modify scheduling classes, which allow you to limit the amount of CPU time alloted to users on a system.
  • Shut down systems using the SHUTDOWN NODE command.
  • On Alpha and I64 systems, detect all previously undiscovered tapes and media changers.
  • On Alpha and I64, connect devices, load device drivers, and display configuration information using I/O commands.
  • On Alpha and I64, set the priority of processes so that they are dumped early during a selective dump.

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