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SYSTEM_CHECK is a system parameter that investigates intermittent system failures by enabling a number of run-time consistency checks on system operation and recording some trace information.

Enabling SYSTEM_CHECK causes the system to behave as if the following system parameter values are set (although the values of the following parameters are not actually changed):

Parameter Value Description
BUGCHECKFATAL 1 Crash the system on nonfatal bugchecks.
POOLCHECK %X616400FF Enable all poolchecking, with an allocated pool pattern of %x61616161 ('aaaa') and deallocated pool pattern of x64646464 ('dddd').
MULTIPROCESSING 2 Enable full synchronization checking.

While SYSTEM_CHECK is enabled, the previous settings of the BUGCHECKFATAL and MULTIPROCESSING parameters are ignored. However, setting the parameter POOLCHECK to a nonzero value overrides the setting imposed by SYSTEM_CHECK.

Setting SYSTEM_CHECK creates certain image files that are capable of the additional system monitoring. These image files are located in SYS$LOADABLE_IMAGES and can be identified by the suffix _MON. For information about the type of data checking performed by SYSTEM_CHECK, see the description of the ACP_DATACHECK parameter. For information about the performance implications of enabling SYSTEM_CHECK, see OpenVMS Performance Management.