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IO is a class of statistics collected by the MONITOR utility. It includes the following data items:

  • Direct I/O Rate: rate of direct I/O (for example, disk and tape) operations
  • Buffered I/O Rate: rate of buffered I/O (for example, terminal and line printer) operations
  • Mailbox Write Rate: rate of write-to-mailbox requests received by the system
  • Split Transfer Rate: rate at which transfers were split into multiple I/Os
  • Log Name Translation Rate: rate of logical name translations
  • File Open Rate: rate at which files were opened
  • Page Fault Rate: rate of occurrence of page faults for all working sets
  • Page Read Rate: rate of pages read from disk as a result of page faults
  • Page Read I/O Rate: rate of read I/O operations from disk as a result of page faults
  • Page Write Rate: rate of pages written to the page file
  • Page Write I/O Rate: rate of write I/O operations to the page file
  • Inswap Rate: rate at which working sets were read into memory from the swap file
  • Free List Size: number of pages on the free page list
  • Modified List Size: number of pages on the modified page list

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