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NPAGECALC is a system parameter that controls whether the system automatically calculates the initial size for nonpaged dynamic memory. VSI sets the default value of NPAGECALC to 1 only during the initial boot after an installation or upgrade. When the value of NPAGECALC is 1, the system calculates an initial value for the NPAGEVIR and NPAGEDYN system parameters. This calculated value is based on the amount of physical memory in the system. NPAGECALC's calculations do not reduce the values of NPAGEVIR and NPAGEDYN from the values you see or set at the SYSBOOT prompt. However, NPAGECALC's calculation might increase these values. AUTOGEN sets NPAGECALC to 0. NPAGECALC should always remain 0 after AUTOGEN has determined more refined values for the NPAGEDYN and NPAGEVIR system parameters.