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The OPER privilege allows a process to use the Operator Communication Manager (OPCOM) process to reply to user's requests, to broadcast messages to all terminals logged in, to designate terminals as operators' terminals and specify the types of messages to be displayed on these operators' terminals, and to initialize and control the log file of operators' messages. In addition, this privilege lets the user spool devices, create and control all queues, and modify the protection and ownership of all non-file-structured devices.

Grant this privilege only to the operators of the system. These are the users who respond to the requests of ordinary users, who tend to the needs of the system's peripheral devices (mounting reels of tape and changing printer forms), and who attend to all the other day-to-day chores of system operation. (A nonprivileged user can log in on the console terminal to respond to operator requests, for example, to mount a tape.)

The OPER privilege lets a process perform the following tasks:

Task Interface
Modify device protection SET PROTECTION/DEVICE
Modify device ownership SET PROTECTION/DEVICE/OWNER
Access to the SYSMAN utility SYSMAN
Issue a broadcast reply REPLY, $SNDOPR
Cancel a system operator request REPLY/ABORT, $SNDOPR
Initialize the system operator log file $SNDOPR
Reply to a pending system operator request REPLY/TO, REPLY/PENDING, REPLY/INITIALIZE_TAPE, $SNDOPR
Issue a system operator request REQUEST, $SNDOPR
Enable system operator classes REPLY/ENABLE, $SNDOPR, $SNDMSG
Disable system operator classes REPLY/DISABLE, $SNDOPR
Send a broadcast message $BRKTHRU,$BRDCST
Write an event to the operator log file $SNDOPR
Initialize a system operator log file REPLY/LOG, $SNDOPR
Close the current operator log file REPLY/NOLOG, $SNDOPR
Send a message to the operator REPLY, $SNDOPR
Modify device availability SET DEVICE/[NO]AVAILABLE
Modify device dual-porting SET DEVICE/[NO]DUAL_PORT
Modify device error logging SET DEVICE/[NO]ERROR_LOGGING
Modify device spooling SET DEVICE/[NO]SPOOLED
Set default day type to PRIMARY SET DAY/PRIMARY
Set default day type to SECONDARY SET DAY/SECONDARY
Return day type to DEFAULT SET DAY/DEFAULT
Modify interactive login limit SET LOGIN/INTERACTIVE
Modify network login limit SET LOGIN/NETWORK
Modify batch login limit SET LOGIN/BATCH
Bypass discretionary access to a queue
Create a queue $SNDJBC (SJC$_CREATE_QUEUE)
Define queue characteristics $SNDJBC (SJC$_DEFINE_CHARACTERISTICS)
Set the base priority of batch processes $SNDJBC (SJC$_BASE_PRIORITY)
Set the scheduling priority of a job $SNDJBC (SJC$_PRIORITY)


Transmit LAT solicit information message $QIO request to a LAT port driver (LTDRIVER)
Set static rating for LAT service $QIO request to a LAT port driver (LTDRIVER)
Read last LAT response message buffer $QIO request to a LAT port driver (LTDRIVER)
Change port type from dedicated to application $QIO request to a LAT port driver (LTDRIVER)
Change port type from application to dedicated $QIO request to a LAT port driver (LTDRIVER)
Specify number of file window-mapping pointers MOUNT/WINDOWS, $MOUNT
Mount a volume with an alternate ACP MOUNT/PROCESSOR, $MOUNT
Mount a volume with alternate cache limits MOUNT/CACHE, $MOUNT
Modify write caching for a tape controller MOUNT/CACHE, $MOUNT
Modify ODS1 directory FCB cache limit SET VOLUME/ACCESSED, MOUNT/ACCESSED,


Connect to an object while executor state is restricted
Read network event-logging buffer NETACP
Modify network volatile database NETACP
Access the permanent database for an update DECnet/NML
Connect to a DECnet circuit $QIO request to the DECnet downline load and loopback class driver (NDDRIVER)
Display the permanent DECnet service password NCP
Display the volatile DECnet service password NCP
Load terminal fallback table TFU, $QIO request to the terminal fallback driver


Unload terminal fallback table TFU, $QIO request to the terminal fallback driver


Establish system default terminal fallback table TFU, $QIO request to the terminal fallback driver


Request expected votes modification SET CLUSTER/EXPECTED_VOTES
Request MSCP serving of a device SET DEVICE/SERVED
Request quorum modification SET CLUSTER/QUORUM
Add an adapter to the failover list $QIO request to the DEBNI BI bus NI driver (EFDRIVER)
Remove an adapter from the failover list $QIO request to the DEBNI BI bus NI driver (EFDRIVER)
Set an adapter to be the current adapter $QIO request to the DEBNI BI bus NI driver (EFDRIVER)
Set the new adapter test interval QIO request to the DEBNI Bi but NI driver (EFDRIVER)

Used in combination with other privileges, OPER lets processes perform the following tasks:

Privileges Task Interface
OPER and CMKRNL Mount a volume with a private ACP MOUNT/PROCESSOR
OPER and LOG_IO Set the system time SET TIME, $SETIME
OPER and VOLPRO Initialize a blank tape or override access checks while initializing a blank tape $INIT_VOL, MOUNT, $MOUNT