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SYSGEN, or the System Generation Utility, is a utility that facilitates management of system parameters, page, swap and dump files, and other system settings (see Uses below). It resides in SYS$SYSTEM and is invoked with RUN or MCR.


Parameter Sets

System parameters and the site-independent startup command procedure values are stored in a files, and SYSGEN needs to know which file to use for displaying and modifying these values. The following parameter files can be used:

  • ACTIVE - the active system parameter value in memory (loaded by default)
  • DEFAULT - a parameter set build into SYSGEN that allows the operating system to boot on any standard configuration
  • CURRENT - the current system parameter file on disk (SYS$SYSTEM:ALPHAVMSSYS.PAR on Alpha and SYS$SYSTEM:IA64VMSSYS.PAR on Integrity).
  • custom - any file specification can be used. Parameter files can be created with the SYSGEN WRITE command.

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