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A satellite node is a cluster node that is booted remotely from a boot server or from a MOP server and a disk server serving the system disk. It does not have a local system disk, but may provide facilities for disk serving, tape serving, and batch processing. Satellite nodes equipped with local disks may enhance performance by using local disks for paging and swapping.

Booting process

At boot time, satellite requests MOP service. Any node in the OpenVMS Cluster that has MOP service enabled and has the LAN address of the particular satellite node in its database can become the MOP server for the satellite

The MOP server responds to an Alpha satellite boot request by downline loading the SYS$SYSTEM:APB.EXE program along with the required parameters such as the system disk name and the root number of the satellite.

Satellite finds additional parameters such as SCSYSTEMID, SCSNODE, and NISCS_CONV_BOOT as well as the cluster group code and password on the system disk and root.

Satellite executes the load program which established an SCS connection to a disk server for the satellite system disk and loads SYSBOOT.EXE.

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