SYSTEM privileges

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SYSTEM is a group of privileges that have the potential to interfere with normal system operation. It includes:

  • ALTPRI allows a process to increase its own priority, set the base priority of a target process, and change the priority of its batch and print jobs
  • AUDIT allows software to append audit records to the system security audit log file
  • OPER allows a process to use the OPCOM process to reply to users' requests, broadcast messages to all terminals, designate terminals as operator's terminals, etc
  • PSWARM allows a process to control whether it can be swapped out of the balance set
  • SECURITY allows a process to perform security-related functions such as modifying the system password or security audit settings
  • SYSLCK allows a process to lock systemwide resources or obtain information about a systemwide resource
  • WORLD allows a process to affect other processes on the system: suspend, resume, wake, delete them, control their priority, etc